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Dino - Crazy paint

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of dinosaurs with our ready-to-paint mini poster, Dino - Crazy Paint!

Why is it incredible?

  • Water Magic: Dip the included brush in water and watch the magic happen! The colors blend to create a unique and dazzling palette, transporting children to a prehistoric world full of adventure.
  • Easy to Carry: Compact and light, take Dino everywhere with you! Ideal for travel, family outings or even to entertain the children during quiet times at home.
  • Integrated Paint: No more need for bulky paint cans. The paint is already present on the coloring page, simply moisten the brush to start creating dinosaur masterpieces!
  • Suitable for Little Hands: With its large patterns and graphics suitable for 3-7 year olds, Dino allows children to develop their creativity independently and playfully, while exploring the world of dinosaurs with enthusiasm.

Contents: 1 ready-to-paint poster with integrated paint, 1 brush - everything your little paleontologist needs to discover dinosaurs!

For who ? For budding young explorers aged 3 to 7, ready to venture into the fascinating world of dinosaurs with Dino - Crazy Paint!

OUR Dino - Crazy Paint offers a fun and educational artistic experience, designed to stimulate children's imagination and creativity while allowing them to discover the world of dinosaurs in a fun and captivating way. Ready to go on an adventure?

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Where it all began

Behind OMY are two Parisian designers: Elvire Laurent and Marie-Cerise Lichtlé , both professional graphic designers and illustrators.

Accomplices and friends since their years of study at Decorative Arts in Paris, they share a common artistic sensitivity .

Instinctively, they decided to bring their first range of products to life, responding to their own desires and enthusiasm. This is how they created an innovative concept in an unexpected format: XXL coloring .

Quickly, this idea took off and became essential.

No one had thought of this before...


In 2012 , OMY was born with a simple idea: to bring joy through creativity. Since then, we have designed and offered innovative, joyful and graphically unique products for everyone, young and old.

Our design studio, nestled in the heart of Paris , is the cradle of our collections. This is where our meticulously detailed illustrations, vibrant colors and innovative designs are born, imbued with our own quirky humor.

From Paris to more than 65 countries around the world, our mission remains the same: to spread our good humor through our creations.

OMY, a story of brilliance and shared smiles.


At OMY, the quality of our products is a top priority.

Manufacturing plays a central role in our concerns, and we ensure that we select the best designs, materials and textures to offer impeccable quality at a price accessible to all.

We favor French manufacturing, which currently represents 50% of our production.

When local manufacturing is not possible, we turn to alternatives, while keeping in mind the quality of our products and respect for our planet.