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OMY Coloring Party - Kit for 10 Children from 6 years old

OMY Coloring Party - Kit for 10 Children from 6 years old

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Make your child's birthday a memorable event with our "OMY Coloring Party" kit. This kit has been designed for 10 children aged 6 and over and promises to add color to your party. 

It offers 3 exciting creative activities: coloring, creating masks to dress up and a painting workshop. Plus, this kit includes a special gift for each guest. Look no further for the birthday program, everything you need is in this kit.

Kit contents:

1x XXL Atlas Poster: A huge coloring poster for children to share. They can enjoy coloring together while learning and having fun.

1x Box of ultra-washable markers: These markers are designed not to stain clothes and are washable with water. They have a double lead for more versatility, and they clean easily.

1x Box of magic markers: Thanks to the included eraser, children can change the color of their markers and create shapes to personalize their coloring.

1x pack of Super Heroes painting kit: Contains 12 illustrated sheets with integrated paint. Just add water and provide brushes for a superhero illustration painting workshop. Guests will be able to leave with their creations.

2x Party Mask Pack : Each pack contains 8 DIY masks, perfect for dressing up and adding fun to your birthday party. Guests will even be able to take the masks as souvenirs.

10x Pack of Magic Plastic Music: A gift to thank your guests. This kit allows you to create key rings, jewelry and small gris-gris. Simply detach, decorate and bake for cute take-home creations.

Kit features:
- Suitable for 10 children ages 6 and up.
- Promotes creativity, group play and learning.
- Includes fun activities and a gift for each guest.

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